1994 Honda Civic del Sol Si

H Stock #814

This car is prepared to H Stock Rules. The modifications are:

I'm happy with the service and prices of all of the above vendors and would buy from them again. Well, the guy who put the headlight buzzer together is sort of an idiot, actually.

I have a lifetime alignment from Firestone. They'll sort of do what I ask them to, depending on their mood. It's cheap.

I currently use Mobil 1 10W-30 SuperSyn and practice oil analysis:

I use Honda MTF in the gear box.

The car is used for combined street (17,000 miles/year and autocross duty, and was purchased used in 1999 with about 80,000 miles. It turned over 130,000 miles in February 2003.

$Date: 2003/03/27 01:22:28 $
Matthew Hunt, [email protected]
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