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We at Coneslayers understand that, as the owner of a Low Performance Vehicle (LPV), conventional High Performance Driving Schools do not teach you the skills that you need. That's why we're offering our inaugural Low Performance Driving School (LPDS).

Your LPV features enormous mass and a high center of gravity, which confer handling benefits rarely discussed, let alone mastered, at High Performance Driving Schools. But Coneslayers LPDS will set the standard for LPV instruction!

Dates, Locations, and Prices

The inaugural LPDS will be held July 13 and 14. You'll learn to operate your LPV in the most challenging environment appropriate to your LPV: the broad, flat freeways near Laguna Seca, California Speedway, and the autocross facilities of Hollywood Park!

The cost for this two-day session is only $199 per participant! (Participants will also be assessed a fee for the actual cost of fuel consumed. This fee is estimated to be $1,437 per participant.)

Session Highlight:

"About Your LPV"

In this six-hour session, you'll learn what makes your LPV special. Topics include:

School Vehicles

Thanks to the generosity of America's innovative car manufacturers, you'll learn in some of the latest LPV powerhouses, including the Ford Dreadnought, the Cadillac Escalade EXT, and the Chevy Behemoth! We're also proud to feature the new Dodge Greenhouse, which is setting records on the EPA fuel economy charts and can carry eight adults along with a Honda Insight!


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