CSCC Solo 2: 9 February 2003

Hollywood Park, Inglewood

The first CSCC Solo 2 of the 2003 season was held in January, on Super Bowl Sunday. Despite the game, we had a huge turnout of nearly 350 drivers. Along with my H Stock colleagues, I ran in the dark. As a reaction to the turnout, the club organizing the February event, GRA, chose to close the autocross to drivers without a CSCC points card or SCCA membership. As a result, the turnout was low by local standards (well under 300 drivers) and the event went smoothly.

I was scheduled to run in the first group, so I was pretty sure it would still be light out no matter how many drivers came. Bryan Jacoby, driving CS 985, was to run in the second group.

Mmm... Donut.
Car 814 The course started with a right-hander after the timing lights, through a slalom which had to be entered on the left. A left turn into a straight, followed by a tight left-hand hairpin, and another straight. That was followed by a right sweeper into a three-cone slalom, and a long left sweeper into the Hollywood Park ravine; then an unusual four-cone slalom, with the second cone offset so far as to be irrelevant. The course ended with a left turn into the timing lights. My three runs went uneventfully, but resulted in an unremarkable finish in the depths of HS.
Then Bryan was up in the second group. He was running on new Yokohama AVS ES100 summer tires, and found them to be a considerable improvement over the FZ4's that he'd run on before. The tires showed no sign of overheating and displayed slight shoulder wear. After a reconnaissance lap, Bryan turned in times a hair faster than mine, and took home nearly 20 championship points in his first effort in CS, twice as many points as Michael Schumacher usually earns. Car 985

After working our shifts and packing up the cars, we returned to our resepective homes to plot our domination of HS and CS. My evil plan included installing Illuminas and attending an Evolution Phase 1 school. Bryan's plan consisted of installing rollover protection, on the theory that he would live to race again another day. Did our plans bear fruit, or merely witness to the futility of our efforts? Stay tuned, gentle reader.

Car 814
Place (overall indexed) Place (Class) Car Runs 1-3 Indexed Best Points
197 5
814 64.042
48.998 66.925
238 11
985 66.423
51.068 19.897
There were 12 drivers in CS (3 trophies) and 5 drivers in HS (2 trophies). There were 264 total drivers with times in the indexed results. The complete official results and indexed results are available at the CSCC Solo 2 web page.

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